Create deep lasting intimate relationships with women

Are you looking for a deep intimate relationship with a woman that is more than just a brief sexual encounter?

You’ve dated a series of different women but find it always fizzles out after a few short weeks.

Yes, you can easily meet women on dating sites, workshops and social events have a quick fling but it rarely turns into anything more.

You struggle to make that leap from first dates to love and true intimacy.

It’s time to level up your relationship skills.

Why it never works out?

It's all down to communication! This truly is the key to building deep intimate relationships. By communicating your desires, needs and insecurities you are letting a woman into your inner world and allowing her to do the same. No more scrambling around in the dark confused and unsure of what she wants or doesn’t want. Communication brings trust, safety and true intimacy into a relationship. We have developed this Level Up course to share valuable communication skills with you so you can learn to communicate on multiple levels with your partner physically, sexually and emotionally.

Be guided by women

Through interviews, demonstrations and guided practices Seani Love together with a group of award winning women practitioners in the field of dating, relationships and sexuality, share their wisdom from personal experience and years of working with women supporting them to discover and reclaim their sexuality. They share their deep understanding of what is needed to make a woman feel safe so she can open up her heart and ignite her sexual desire.

“Love the openness of the female specialists that's a big help ..these very attractive, intelligent women are speaking clearly about what is ok and what is not ok from a man in love making and more than that what they love / what turns them on. Learning about connection with your lover, constant communication and slowing things down a lot is also particularly valuable for me.” - Level Up Participant

The power of this course is that it is facilitated by women. Women open up to you. They share their experiences, wants and desires. Along with their fears, insecurities and past traumas. They share their bodies demonstrating exactly where and how they like to be touched. From this course you will gain such deep insight of the inner world of women. So you can understand what it is to be an amazing lover and how to connect intimately with women emotionally, physically and sexually.

"The woman teachers are bringing so much wisdom and experience and enthusiasm around sex and intimacy, I have learned a lot about the possibilities of other ways of being." -LM Level Up Participant

Is this course for me?

You want to be a good lover but you’re not confident about your skills in bed.

You assume you’re supposed to know what turns a woman on, how she likes to be touched, what’s really important to her but in reality you have no idea.

You find women confusing, always getting mixed messages.

You avoid having sex because you worry about your physical performance in bed.

You’re tired of being alone and have a deep need to be in a loving relationship.

Deep within, you know that it's about being open although you are unable to be vulnerable enough to vocalise it.

Relationships cause you so much stress and anxiety and you just don’t understand why they never work out.

Are you ready to...

Be confident and clear in your relationships. Know what you want and express that clearly.

Touch her how she loves to be touched

Give her pleasure and orgasms

Create an environment where she feels safe to fully express herself emotionally and sexually

Know when she wants you to rip her clothes off and be taken.  

Display courage and compassion when faced with challenging emotions around rejection and performance.

Open up and be vulnerable.

Deeply love a woman

What do I get when I sign up?

An online course for you to explore at your own pace

12 hours of video classes

Guides to practical exercises and demonstrations

Homework exercises

Email support throughout the duration of the course

Access to a private Facebook group

Access to the wisdom of a highly experienced team of sexuality practitioner

Skills in the realm of relationships, communication and sexuality

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Consent and Boundaries

Learn to be confident and clear in relationships. Know what you want and express that clearly. Support women to do the same. With Sonalle LaMariposa, Giorgia Pecora, Ema Duchesne, Keli Mara, Sanya Alaya and Seani Love.

Module 2: The Female Body

Learn how to touch her and what gives her pleasure. Watch women demonstrate the many and varied ways they love to be touched. With Sonalle LaMariposa, Sara Ablinger, Ariane Lalakea, Keli Mara, Emerald May and Seani Love.

Module 3: Understanding the Male Erotic Body

Understand and trust the wisdom of your body. Become more present during sex and experience more pleasure. With Ema Duchesne and Seani Love.

Module 4: The Yoni

Learn the anatomy of a woman’s genitals. Watch demonstrations of self touch and learn how women love to be intimately touched. With Ema Duchesne, Keli Mara, Emerald May, Su Real and Seani Love.

Module 5: Yoni Massage

Learn to pleasure a woman with live unedited recorded demonstrations of genital massage including guided practical touch strokes and communication practices. With Emerald May and Seani Love.

Module 6: Making Peace with Porn

Develop a healthy relationship with porn. What you can learn from porn and how it can support you to become more embodied with practical exercises. With Ema Duchesne, Emerald May and Seani Love.

Module 7: What’s Feminism Got to Do with it?

When learning how to be a better lover, it’s important to understand the basics of feminism, including increasing awareness of any subconscious biases. Understanding the aims of feminism will make you a better lover. With Giorgia Ceres, Keli Mara and Seani Love.

Module 8: Emotional Agility

Learn the power of vulnerability. Not being able to feel your emotions can lead to a lot of confusion and misunderstanding when it comes to trying to develop intimacy with women. It is vital to learn and practice emotional awareness and understand how emotions, expressed or repressed, can affect and influence your relationships. With Sanya Alaya and Seani Love.

Module 9: Creating Deeper Connection

How to safely introduce and explore new aspects of eroticism into your relationships, how to communicate about things that excite you and how to break out of old patterns of relating. With Giorgia Ceres and Seani Love.

Module 10: Making Peace with the predator

How you can unleash your wild masculine sexuality to meet the wild feminine. With Keli Mara, Emerald May and Seani Love.

Module 11: Flirting, Picking up and being rejected

Become fearless by handling rejection gracefully. Learn how women like getting approached and what flirting looks like to them. With Ariane Lalakea, Emerald May, Ema Duchesne, Keli Mara and Seani Love.


LaMariposa is a Psychotherapist, Tantrika & Somatrix. She is passionate about encouraging people to reach their full potential & fulfil their deepest needs. Her approach is holistic, integrative, trauma-informed & solution-focused, incorporating multiple modalities to harness the power of the imagination to unite your mind, body, heart & soul, to be in the present moment & to discover your truth. LaMariposa combines the knowledge & powerful experiences gained from diverse personal & professional development trainings, with teachings received from some of the most renowned Tantra teachers. She offers a safe & nurturing space with an intricate fusion exploring embodiment & presence through art, movement, mindfulness & touch. More info:

Ariane Lalakea

Ariane Lalakea is a Conscious Kink practitioner, Coach, Yogini, Tantrika, facilitator and entrepreneur. She strives to find ways to increase our well-being through a deeper connection to body, mind and soul. Through her background in Eastern traditions of well being and a Master study in positive psychology and coaching together with her 5 years experience she provides a wide and unique variety of tools. She is co-founder of BliXX, a conscious kink laboratory and founder of BEoneers, a holistic health approach for modern minds.

Emerald May

Emerald offers a gauntlet of experiences ranging from extreme pleasure to deep healing. Using techniques from a plethora of sex-positive modalities including Neo-Tantra, Conscious Kink, Sacred Sexuality, the Wheel of Consent and Sexological Bodywork. Alongside her background in Psychology, mindfulness and clear communication skills, she offers professional, embodied and intuitive sessions to people of all genders. Her soul mission is to support people to notice, value and voice their desires and boundaries and to empower people to express and embody them clearly and cleanly.


Ema aka Emmanuelle Duchesne is a certified Orgasmic Meditation coach trained by One Taste in 2013. She’s the author of 50 exercises de Slow Love et Sex Meditation, published by Eyrolles. Ema is the founder of the Slow Sex Love Life movement and has trained a few Slow Sex Love Life coaches. Ema is based in the South of France.

Keli Mara

Kell Mara is an intimacy coach and educator. Kell creates intimate coaching containers to facilitate her clients forging new blueprints for true connection. She acts as a powerful mirror, reflecting the parts that most need love and attention and she brings presence, holding and witnessing so that powerful transformations can take place

When working with intimacy, our core wounding or trauma can arise on the path to wholeness. Kell is trauma-informed to support her clients in this sacred work towards integration and empowerment.

Giorgi Pecora

Giorgia is an Evolutionary astrologer, Astro-Shamanic practitioner and sex positive esoteric activist. She has been trained in Core Shamanism, inner alchemy practices, and Astro-Shamanism. As well as astrological practice, she is an experienced teacher and space holder, having worked in a variety of educational settings since 2005. She is currently exploring the world of Sacred Sexuality with Seani Love.

Sara Ablinger

Sara Ablinger is a Vienna based bodyworker and workshop facilitator specialised in bodypositivity, radical self-care & self-love,consent culture, intimacy and conscious sexuality. Bringing Big Body Love also to Germany and the UK, she creates spaces of empowerment, authenticity, connection, pleasure and healing, focussing on the empowerment and participation of marginalised bodies such as queer, fat, disabled bodies.

Sanya Alaya

Sanya Alaya is a Sexual Empowerment & Somatic Life Coach, Tantric Bodyworker, certified Sexological Bodyworker, Pleasure Activist, gypsy and dance addict. For the last three and a half years she has been travelling the world, learning from various teachers and growing into her purpose. She is trauma informed and uses techniques and tools from Tantra, Tao, Shadow Work, Conscious Kink, Tantra Massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Dearmouring, Creative Consciousness CC® Coaching, Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation. Coming from a background of self healing through sacred sexuality and kink, my heart mission is to support men and women to overcome their traumas, fears and shame that hold them back from living a powerful and loving life. I have worked with hundreds of clients and am all about bringing people back into their bodies – back to pleasure! In my 1:1 sessions, online coachings and workshops all over the world I empower my clients to love themselves, unravel conditioning, embody their sensuality and wild self expression for a successful life!

Seani Wild

Seani WILD is a professional kinkster, shadow explorer and straight male sex worker. He's been working as both a sex worker and a sexuality educator since 2010. In 2015, Seani won the award of Sex Worker of the Year at the Sexual Freedom Awards in London. He's trained in Counselling and since 2006 has been working on combining ritual journeys with BDSM as a powerful pathway to healing and self-discovery. As an international workshop facilitator, Seani has supported many people on their journey to places of increased power, personal and sexual expression, wisdom and love.


This course is what sex education at school should really look like, and it should be prescribed on the NHS for all people who love women. Frankly, it’s made me a better human, let alone a better lover. - Level Up Participant

The course I wished I had 10 years ago...

- Andreas. Level Up Participant

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to dive deep into an exploration of sexuality and erotic connection. I am learning things I always assumed I was supposed know and what turns a woman on, how she likes to be touched, and what is actually important to her. I feel really seen, honoured and accepted. Seani is a brilliant facilitator, and is ably supported by a group of powerful and experienced women practitioners who are incredibly generous in sharing their knowledge and skills. The container is strong and it allows for a real intimacy and depth of sharing. Thank you. - Level Up Participant

So happy I chose to do the Level up course with Seani Love. He is truly a master at his chosen craft. The course structure is comprehensive to say the least, each presentation felt so well thought out, and with the edition of his co presenters, I felt that I had recieved great value, and was constantly learning such amazing and important information, giving me so much clarity on where I could become both a better man and lover. So extremely happy with the offering, and highly recomend it for anyone, man or woman who wants to know how to Level up their lives. Love and gratitude for all involved.

- Callum. Level Up Participant

If you type "improve your sexuality" in Google or Amazon, you'll get pages of chemicals, pickup artist or manipulation books, marabout hoaxes, penis extenders, the 10 rules how to become a sex god (the 4th one is incredible!)... That is very sad, but it tells us how scarce this information is. The School of Erotic Mysteries has been recommended to me by a (she) friend of mine. I wouldn't have made the step otherwise. I was very positively surprised to hear the testimony of several female panelists about their sexualities, moderated by a man, Seani who asks questions and sets the pace. All these women have different tastes, experiences, bodies, interests and share with us openly how they feel. The testimonies and the workshops are authentic, simple, honest and applicable. All 24 classes cover different topics from tantra to sex-toys via power games. Some topics were completely new to me, some I was already very familiar with, but whenever I learn something, this is very valuable because I may not learn it that easily from my relationship or from books. I warmly recommend this class. - Laurent. Level Up Participant

Seani's 'Level Up' Course is a sexological masterclass in providing invaluable advice and guidance in becoming a more conscious and connected lover. The Course has worked tremendously well in the online forum because it mixes live discussions from Seani and his amazing women associates, prepared relevant videos (from his associates) and live demonstrations (between Seani and an associate). A course for anyone interested in becoming a better lover by understanding themselves better and also understanding the needs and dynamics of intimacy with women. - Andy Q. Level Up Participant

Money back guarantee. Try the course for 14 days. If you are not satisfied email us and we will refund your money.

A Note on Inclusivity...

We designed this course with straight cisgender men in mind because it's mostly cisgender men who need better awareness of consent and boundaries, who need better skills around their own erotic embodiment, who need to be better feminist allies, better allies to LGBTQ+ people, better understanding of anatomy and who need to learn how to handle rejection much more gracefully. 

There aren't many courses attempting to help cis men make sense of contemporary sexuality and this course felt really needed.

We understand that the language used in here might feel exclusionary in places and as we are often exploring topics from within the gender binary, we recognise that this may not be accommodating to all human beings.

Much love to all of our trans and queer friends, colleagues and lovers 🙌❣️